Sunday, May 2, 2010

growing my own food

so just had lunch with lydia, a nice cream of nettle soup, obviously stining nettle some garlic and onion and potato, then creamed in a blender ad drizzled with cream and some crumbled cheese, and then homemade bread and a wild salad, homemade shake and some homeade chips.
funny i always say homemade but from now on if you follow this blog just assume everthing is homemade unless otherwise pointed out.

so lydia gave me a big jar of wheat, now i just have to figure out how to use it, also gave me some johnny jump up plants and orphine (aka live forever) this goes along with the stining nettle from last week ans some mouse eared chick weed and winter cress i dug up from my inlaws.

So yesterday was planting day, i live on clay with a small layer of top soil, so i dug down about 18 inches and then made a mix of horse crap, sand and clay for my soil, i made my garden 3ft by 3 ft for each individual plant with 2ft between each garden, being that these are wild plants i do not worry about frost, i just worry if i can sucsessful transplant these weeds. my regular garden i wil start digging the next few weeks ready for the end of may planting. Should be a good learning year.

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