Sunday, May 2, 2010

what does it taste like/

it never fails, when eating something wild at the lunch room soemone will ask "what does it taste like"? to which i always respond "chicken", even when its dandelion or other greens, take the other day, i had some jerusalem artichoke and you can see they are trying to correlate it to a potato somehow, or as often heard about rattlesnake tasteing like chicken.

I was in an advanced frst aid class recently and the medic was talking about when the red lobster opened up a few years ago in our northern community, he talked about how many had reactions to the food, not haveing been exposed to seafood very often, he talked about geographic diets, it got me to thinking about the 100 mile diet and about post teowaki and even 200 years ago. How or what did most folks eat? and how far did they have to go to get it, we have become accustomed to such a varied diet foods from all over the world and at any time of the year, i dunno something just doesn't seem right about that.

So last night while digging my gardens for my transplanted wild edibles i came across the perfect specimen of dandelion, a couple of leaves and a perfect root, so naturally i washed it off a bit and bit off a taste, first thought in my mind was that i didn't wash the leaves enough, then ate the root, smiled with satisfaction and continued digging, did the same thing with a lilly tuber root, small as they are i had some to munch on.

We have slowly become adjusted to our wide ranging multi cultural diet, how hard will it be to go back to local natural foods. I even think of collecting acorns, just a 20 minute drive up the road but what if no vehicle then it becomes an all day affair to ride the horse or bike and collect and bring home as much as possible.

Just things that i think about, oh and by the way, what did it taste like? well the lilliy tuber tasted like lilly tuber and the dandelion tasted like dandelion, i mean what where you expecting anyways? chicken?

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