Thursday, April 29, 2010

why do i do it

so at times i wonder why i study so hard at learning wild edibles, the thought occured to me the other day whule in line at the mill cafeteria, the running joke from the lunch girls is no v word on my plate, v word being vegetables, so why study wild edibles, evry thing in the spring seems to always be compared to asparagus and spinach, neither of which i ever i buy at the store, although i do like the wild versions, but i think to myself, i am not a vegetarian, i am just learning to cook from the basic staples, which can include wild edibles.

No, the reason i do it is because tonight while out walking a trail just off the pasture i noticed a little white drooping flower, and as always the mind wondered what it was, so i paused on bended knee and looked at this new plant and observed several parts of the plant,observations i really wasn't capable of years ago, studying plants has taught me how to observe nature to see the smallest detail, then i was able to come home and look it up in my wildflower book, a great triumph.

This is a hobby of mine that i never loose interest in, year round i am parousing thru a plant book, something i find humourous for someone like me, given my past hobbies, but identifiying plants is a challenge that i completley enjoy, and i am thankful for this intersest.

I often refer to myself as a student of the bush, and being able to observe nature fully is something that gives me great pleasure.

So what was that plant? Hepatia americana from the buttercup family-round leaf hepatia

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